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Webber Electronics Pro-Series Products

• Designed to Perform in the Harshest Environments • GFCI's that Protect Users from Shock Hazard • Quality Built to Last • Convenient Illuminated Connectors •


User Attachable Inline GFCI's & GFCI Plugs

These are perfect for replacement and repair. They are super easy to install and each unit comes with illustrated instructions and hardware kit. Great for power washers, pool pumps, spas, power tools, bounce houses, and other outdoor equipment. This will also meet OSHA requiremnts for construction tools.  

Heavy Duty Extension Cords & Splitters

Webber Electronics Pro-Series Extension cords will withstand heavy use and harsh enviroments. They are great for adding extra power outlets at home or on the jobsite.  

Webber Pro-Series GFCI Extension Cables

These GFCI Saftey cables combine the best of our Pro-Series porducts. They are heavy duty and provide essemtial shock protection in any environment. We have multiple configurations to fit your need.   

Customized Lengths and Bulk Pricing

All of the Webber Pro-Sereis products are customizable. These parts can be sent in OEM packaging at competitive pricing for distribution partners. Contact us today for a bulk quote.  
  • Heavy Duty 12AWG SJTOW Black PVC Cable
  • Rugged PVC Over molded Plugs and Connectors
  • Illuminated Power Blocks and Female Connectors That Indicate When Power is Live
  • Equipped with Highest Quality Webber GFCI Safety Devices
  • UL & c-UL Listed

Features and Applications

Features Applications
GFCI Protection in Wet Conditions All Outdoor Power Needs
Illuminated Power Power Tool Power
Heavy Duty Construction Pool Pump Power
AUTO-RESET GFCI's Spas Motor & Pump Power
Weather & Oil Resistant Cable Construction Equipment Power 
Rain Proof GFCI's Recreational Power
Clear Fully Molded PVC Plugs Holiday Lighting Power
Fault Indicator Window on GFCI's Extension Cord Power
UL and c-UL Listed Components Outdoor Lighting







Pro-Series GFCI (Free Shipping)

ImagePart #Cord TypePlug ColorRatingPriceQty 
WBGF9 GFCI Plug Manual Reset (Free Ground Shipping)WBGF9NEMA 5-15P GFCI Plug Manual ResetBlack15AMP 120VAC $15.89Add to Cart
WBGF9 Replacement Hardware KitWBGF9-HDKIT   $3.99Add to Cart
WBGF18-3P GFCI NEMA 5-15P Auto Reset (Free Ground Shipping)WBGF18-3PNEMA 5-15P GFCI Plug Auto ResetBlack GFCI15AMP 120VAC $16.75Add to Cart
WBGF18-3P-HDKIT Replacement Hardware KitWBGF18-3P-HDKIT   $3.99Add to Cart
WBGF18-3W In-Line GFCI Auto Reset (Free Ground Shipping)WBGF18-3WIn-Line Auto Reset GFCIBlack GFCI15AMP 120VAC $18.95Add to Cart
WBGF10 20 AMP In-Line GFCI Manual Reset (Free Ground Shipping)WBGF10In-Line 20AMP GFCI Manual ResetBlack GFCI20AMP 120VAC$19.25Add to Cart

Pro-Series GFCI Extension Cords

ImagePart #LengthColor CodeWire SizeNom. O.D.Cord TypeJacket ColorPlug ColorRatingLength (ft.)Length (m.)O.D./inchO.D./mmPriceQty 
CW43541 Webber Pro-Series 30GFCI Safety Triple Extension CableCW4354130"NA12/3 SJTOWBlackBlack GFCI15A/120VAC2.5   $19.99Add to Cart
CW43542 Webber Pro-Series 30Inline GFCI Safety Triple Extension CableCW4354230"NA12/3 SJTOWBlackBlack15A/120VAC2.5   $19.99Add to Cart
CW43543 Webber Pro-Series 30 GFCI Safety Triton Extension CableCW4354330"NA12/3 SJTOWBlackBlack GFCI15A/120VAC2.5   $26.25Add to Cart
CW43544 Webber Locking UltraXtreme 30Inline GFCI Safety Triton Locking Extension CableCW4354430"NA12/3 SJEOWBLUEBlack15A/120VAC2.5   $27.95Add to Cart
CW43556-UX 25FT GFCI Ext. CordCW43556-UX25FTNA12/3 SJEOWBlueBlack20A/120VAC25   $39.99Add to Cart

Pro-Series Extension Cords

ImagePart #LengthColor CodeWire SizeNom. O.D.Cord TypeJacket ColorPlug ColorRatingLength (ft.)Length (m.)O.D./inchO.D./mmPriceQty 
CW43530 2.5FT Ext. Cord NEMA5-15P PLUG TO Triple Receptacle ILLUMINATEDCW435302.5FTNA12/3 SJTOWBlackBlack15A/125VAC2.5FT   $6.95Customize
12AWG 100FT UltraXtreme Extension CordWBEXT12100UX-LOCK100FTNA12/3 SJEOWBlueBlack15A/125VAC100FT   $93.95Add to Cart
CW43577 9 FT White Low Profile Triple Extension CordCW435779 FT 16/3 SPT-2WhiteWhite13A 125V9   $6.49Add to Cart
12AWG 50FT UltraXtreme Extension Cord WBEXT1250UX-LOCK50FTNA12/3 SJEOWBlueBlack15A/125VAC50FT   $57.50Add to Cart
CW43531 Webber PRO-SERIES 2.5FT Extension Cable NEMA 5-15P PLUG TO TRITON Triple ReceptaclesCW435312.5FTNA12/3 SJTOWBlackBlack15A/125VAC2.5FTFree Shipping  $11.99Customize
12AWG 25FT UltraXtreme Extension Cord WBEXT1225UX-LOCK25FTNA12/3 SJEOWBlueBlack15A/125VAC25FT   $34.50Add to Cart
CW43719 Webber Triton-Lock 2.5FT Extn Cable NEMA 5-15P PLUG TO TRITON Triple Locking ReceptaclesCW437192.5FTNA12/3 SJTOWBlackBlack15A/125VAC2.5FTFree Shipping  $29.99Add to Cart
14AWG 100FT UltraXtreme Extension Cord WBEXT14100UX-LOCK100FTNA14/3 SJEOWBlueBlack15A/125VAC100FT   $72.15Add to Cart
14AWG 50FT UltraXtreme Extension Cord WBEXT1450UX-LOCK50FTNA14/3 SJEOWBlueBlack15A/125VAC50FT   $44.80Add to Cart
14AWG 25FT UltraXtreme Extension Cord WBEXT1425UX-LOCK25FTNA14/3 SJEOWBlueBlack15A/125VAC25FT   $28.40Add to Cart
WB3BLOCKUX UltraXtreme 2.5FT Ext. Cord NEMA5-15P PLUG TO Triple Receptacle ILLUMINATEDWB3BLOCKUX2.5FTNA12/3 SJEOWBlueBlue15A/125VAC2.5FT   $11.99Add to Cart
WBTRITONUX UltraXtreme 2.5FT Locking Extension Cable NEMA 5-15P PLUG TO TRITON  Triple ReceptaclesWBTRITONUX2.5FTNA12/3 SJEOWBlueClear15A/125VAC2.5FTFree Shipping  $14.95Add to Cart

ImagePart #LengthColor CodeWire SizeCord TypeJacket ColorPlug ColorRatingPriceQty 
12AWG 100FT UltraXtreme Extension CordWBEXT12100UX-LOCK100FTNA12/3SJEOWBlueBlack15A/125VAC$93.95Add to Cart
12AWG 50FT UltraXtreme Extension Cord WBEXT1250UX-LOCK50FTNA12/3SJEOWBlueBlack15A/125VAC$57.50Add to Cart
12AWG 25FT UltraXtreme Extension Cord WBEXT1225UX-LOCK25FTNA12/3SJEOWBlueBlack15A/125VAC$34.50Add to Cart
14AWG 100FT UltraXtreme Extension Cord WBEXT14100UX-LOCK100FTNA14/3SJEOWBlueBlack15A/125VAC$72.15Add to Cart
14AWG 50FT UltraXtreme Extension Cord WBEXT1450UX-LOCK50FTNA14/3SJEOWBlueBlack15A/125VAC$44.80Add to Cart
14AWG 25FT UltraXtreme Extension Cord WBEXT1425UX-LOCK25FTNA14/3SJEOWBlueBlack15A/125VAC$28.40Add to Cart

We Provide GFCI Products For Multiple Environments:


And Applications:

Portable Power
Spas & Pools
Power Washers

GFCI Devices

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) or Residual Current Device (RCD) is a device that shuts off an electric circuit when it detects that current is flowing along an unintended path, possibly through water or through a person. It is used to reduce the risk of electric shock. It works by measuring the current leaving the hot side of the power source and comparing it to the current returning to the neutral side. If they are not equal, this means that some of the current is flowing along an unintended path, and the GFCI shuts the power off. When the problem is corrected, the GFCI can manually be reset by pushing the reset button. There is also a test button that can be used to verify that the GFCI works. It is recommended to test GFCI's at least once a month. GFCI's are required in kitchens, bathrooms, unfinished basements, garages, outdoors, and anywhere near a sink. GFCI's are available in two types for permanent installation, the circuit breaker type that installs in the panel, and the receptacle type that installs in a normal electrical box. Although GFCI's are designed primarily to protect from electric shock, they can also prevent some fires. When a permanent GFCI is not available or sufficient, the alternative solution can be found with many of our quality GFCI products at Webber Electronics.