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AC Inlets & Outlets

ImagePart #RatingPriceQty 
0707-1-CP0707-1-CP10A/250V ~ 15A/250$1.99Customize
0717-1S-PQ120717-1S-PQ1210A/250V AC$5.78Customize
0717-1S-PQ12-C0717-1S-PQ12-C10A/250V AC$5.78Add to Cart
0707-1-CQ0707-1-CQ15A 250V AC NORTH AMERICA$1.08Add to Cart
0707-1-CW0707-1-CW15A 250V AC NORTH AMERICA$1.08Add to Cart
0708-1-CP0708-1-CP10A 250V AC$1.08Add to Cart
0708-1-CQF0708-1-CQF10A 250V AC$1.08Add to Cart
0709-PQ0709-PQ15A 125V AC$1.08Add to Cart
0710-PV120710-PV1215A 125V AC$1.14Add to Cart
0710-PV160710-PV1615A 125V AC$1.14Add to Cart
0711-1-PQ0711-1-PQ15A 250V AC NORTH AMERICA$1.08Add to Cart
0711-1RS-PQD15-A0711-1RS-PQD15-A10A 250V AC$4.77Add to Cart
0711-2-P90711-2-P915A 250V AC NORTH AMERICA$1.31Add to Cart
0711-2-PL-A0711-2-PL-A15A 250V AC NORTH AMERICA Customize
0711-PQ0711-PQ15A 250V AC NORTH AMERICA$1.08Add to Cart
0714-FR70714-FR715A 250V AC NORTH AMERICA$1.08Add to Cart
0717-1-PQ0717-1-PQ10A 250V AC$2.40Add to Cart
0717-CQ0717-CQ10A 250V AC$3.03Add to Cart
0718-1-PP0718-1-PP10A 250V AC$1.46Add to Cart
0719-PQG0719-PQG15A 125V AC$3.08Add to Cart
0720-FP0720-FP2.5A 250V AC$0.97Add to Cart
0720-FS0720-FS2.5A 250V AC$0.97Add to Cart
0721-PP0721-PP2.5A 250V AC EUROPE & UL & CSA$0.97Add to Cart
0721-PS0721-PS2.5A 250V AC EUROPE & UL & CSA$1.03Add to Cart
0722-CQ0722-CQ20A 250V AC NORTH AMERICA$2.06Add to Cart
0723-CQ0723-CQ20A 250V AC NORTH AMERICA$2.28Add to Cart
 0707-2-CQ $1.08Add to Cart
 0707-2-CW $1.08Customize
0708-1-CW0708-1-CW  Customize
0711-1-PW0711-1-PW $1.08Add to Cart
 0712-S-PQ12 $1.08Add to Cart
 0713-PQ $0.74Add to Cart
0717-1-PW0717-1-PW $3.06Add to Cart
0717-CW0717-CW $3.03Add to Cart
0723-CW0723-CW $2.28Add to Cart
 0728-PP $0.74Add to Cart
0718-1-PW0718-1-PW $1.08Add to Cart
0722-CW0722-CW $2.06Add to Cart
0718-1-PQ0718-1-PQ10A 250V AC$1.46Add to Cart