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12AWG 100 FT

12AWG 50 FT
14AWG 100 FT
14AWG 50 FT
Triple Block 2.5 FT Ext. Cord 12AWG Triton 2.5 FT Ext. Cord 12AWG

The UltraXtreme Extension Cord is constructed of TPE compound which guarantees maximum flexibility as well as abrasion and oil resistance. This cord will outperform and outlast all of your standard PVC extension cords, and works well in some of the harshest weather conditions.
The UltraXtreme extension cord will stand the test of heavy use.

ImagePart #LengthWire SizeCord TypeJacket ColorPlug ColorRatingPriceQty 
12AWG 100FT UltraXtreme Extension CordWBEXT12100UX-LOCK100FT12/3SJEOWBlueBlack15A/125VAC$93.95Add to Cart
12AWG 50FT UltraXtreme Extension Cord WBEXT1250UX-LOCK50FT12/3SJEOWBlueBlack15A/125VAC$57.50Add to Cart
CW43542 Webber Pro-Series 30Inline GFCI Safety Triple Extension CableCW4354230"12/3SJTOWBlackBlack15A/120VAC$19.99Add to Cart
12AWG 25FT UltraXtreme Extension Cord WBEXT1225UX-LOCK25FT12/3SJEOWBlueBlack15A/125VAC$34.50Add to Cart
14AWG 100FT UltraXtreme Extension Cord WBEXT14100UX-LOCK100FT14/3SJEOWBlueBlack15A/125VAC$72.15Add to Cart
CW43544 Webber Locking UltraXtreme 30Inline GFCI Safety Triton Locking Extension CableCW4354430"12/3SJEOWBLUEBlack15A/120VAC$27.95Customize
CW43556-UX 25FT GFCI Ext. CordCW43556-UX25FT12/3SJEOWBlueBlack20A/120VAC$39.99Add to Cart
14AWG 50FT UltraXtreme Extension Cord WBEXT1450UX-LOCK50FT14/3SJEOWBlueBlack15A/125VAC$44.80Add to Cart
14AWG 25FT UltraXtreme Extension Cord WBEXT1425UX-LOCK25FT14/3SJEOWBlueBlack15A/125VAC$28.40Add to Cart
WB3BLOCKUX UltraXtreme 2.5FT Ext. Cord NEMA5-15P PLUG TO Triple Receptacle ILLUMINATEDWB3BLOCKUX2.5FT12/3SJEOWBlueBlue15A/125VAC$11.99Add to Cart
WBTRITONUX UltraXtreme 2.5FT Locking Extension Cable NEMA 5-15P PLUG TO TRITON  Triple ReceptaclesWBTRITONUX2.5FT12/3SJEOWBlueClear15A/125VAC$14.95Add to Cart