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CL60074-LOCK IA  New!

14/3 SJT CEE Black 8'0" NEMA 5-15P + IEC Lock RW Plus C13

Price: $15.99
Part #: CL60074-LOCK IA
Length: 8' 0"
Color Code: CEE
Wire Size: 14/3
Nom. O.D.:
Cord Type: SJT
Jacket Color: Black
Plug Color: Black
Rating: 15A-125V
Length (ft.): 8'0"
Length (m.):
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14/3 SJT CEE Black Jacket Length 8'0"
NEMA 5-15P + IEC Lock RW Plus C13

IEC-lock's patented locking mechanism is beautifully simple..., no more accidental unplugging.

• Unique 'Patented' Female connectors, suitable for use with any standard IEC inlet

• Protects computer equipment from accidental disconnection

• Ideal for protecting appliances that are vulnerable to vibration

• Suitable for various Data Communication appliances that require a secure 
   power source

This is a very common power cord (cordset), and is used to power most modern home electronic devices. This includes, but is not limited to:  HD TV's, home computers, LCD flat screens, DVD/BluRay players, and many other devices. This product is fully UL approved and complies with RoHS requirements.

The CL60074-LOCK IA is a universal power cord with an assembled Locking (IEC-Lock) IEC320C13 female plug that connects directly into your device and the male NEMA 515P plugs directly into any standard wall outlet.