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18/3 SVT NA Black Jacket Length 3FTNEMA 5-15P + IEC Lock RW Plus C13IEC-lock’s patented locking mechanism is beautifully simple…, no more accidental unplugging.• Unique ‘Patented’ Female connectors, suitable for use with any standard IEC inlet• Protects computer equipment from accidental disconnection• Ideal for protecting appliances that are vulnerable to vibration• Suitable for various Data Communication appliances that require a secure power sourceThis is a very common power cord (cordset), and is used to power most modern home electronic devices. This includes, but is not limited to: HD TV’s, home computers, LCD flat screens, DVD/BluRay players, and many other devices. This product is fully UL approved and complies with RoHS requirements.The CL60000-LOCK IA is a universal power cord with an assembled Locking (IEC-Lock) IEC320C13 female plug that connects directly into your device and the male NEMA 515P plugs directly into any standard wall outlet. SKU: CL60000-LOCK IA

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